Mentoring with
Piero Gandini.

Better being, for better doing.

Better Being
What are you seeking to learn more about yourself? 

Are you uncertain about how you are or what's next for you? 

How can you gain more clarity and confidence to overcome what makes you feel constrained, stuck, or overwhelmed?
Your personal journey

My mentees, often women, value trust, safety, transparency, and good
interactions in our mentoring process. They describe it as an exciting journey
filled with humor, kindness, deep listening, care, and provocative questions.

We'll embark on a liberating and flexible journey using a Mural tailored
to your unique needs and aspirations. You'll explore your strengths, fears,
dreams, values, and non-negotiables in a space you can revisit anytime.

Over a three-month path (online or hybrid), there will be no “shoulds,”
no paternalism, and no condescension. I’ll be with you,
gently encouraging the importance of movement in your life.

I’ll provide a safe space for you to connect with your authentic self.
You may experience joy, sadness, reflection, tears, and laughter.
You'll feel challenged, cared for, and supported.

Discovering your ideal vision and identifying self-sabotaging behaviors
will help you stay engaged and consistent toward your true self.